• Steve Ferman

Corona Virus impact's

With the attack of the Corona Virus people are not getting the entire impact that this potential pandemic can bring besides sickness and death. What about the implications of people that use China for manufacturing, and many trades. Factories are closing or closed, thus delaying delivery of products ordered and also effecting cash flow for distributors and trade importers. This is affecting our stock market not to exclude the Crypto currency market as well. This is not just a China problem any more vacation destinations, cruises complete economies are being affected that rely on vacationers.

So, what impact does this have on business that do not directly interact or import from China? how can we ensure our workers are safe and sound while performing their jobs. In the perfect world we could all work remotely in the cloud. This would be less social and honestly a bit lonely but doable. Yes I know that not all business can be 100% remote as they require factory work or in some cases like Amazon they require humans to work along side the robots and there are deliveries and on and on but for many companies there is no reason employees should not be given a chance to work remotely, even if it's a few days a week.

I can tell you from experience that they will work longer hours, goof off less and be much happier about not having to commute. You will be putting time back in their pockets. You the business owner will get an uptick in production and employees working harder and longer all while being happy and even more importantly safe and less exposure to a potential virus. I am not saying the is the fix or cure to the virus it's not, but it could make for some happy safe employees and a more profitable and productive company.

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