• Steve Ferman

Secure Remote Computing

In today's climate hackers and predators are at there all time high as they try to capitalize on the Covid-19 Pandemic. The rise in remote users so quickly means not everyone was prepared with secure set ups, making them prime targets.  So how do you prevent these attacks? One of the best solutions is through a VPN - a Virtual Private Network.  A VPN is a private tunnel that runs over the public internet for your traffic (communication between two points) and encrypts so no one  can read it. VPN's can run either directly from your remote computer to your work system or via a third party that provides VPN as a service like these mentioned here:

While I don't personally don't back any of them on the list, it's a helpful jumping off point if you don't have a VPN provided from your company. Some Virtual desktop systems and cloud platforms like Citrix create automatic tunnels with every connection. Speak to your IT provider to see what you have for secure computing or reach out to us and we will help you in determining if your connections are secure.

Stay safe!


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