The Year of the Hack (Data Breach)

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

This year again is the year of the hackers from Crypto Locker to the usual menace of Ransom and malware. Big companies like Target, Sony, JP Morgan in the past and the list goes on and on, the only constant I hear is that it could have been prevented.

New this year are Blur, Managed Health Services of Indiana, Alaska’s Division of Public Health The Crypto world is another can of worms altogether.

(excuse the pun) My quest as a Business Technology Advisor and Cloud Integrator is focusing on how I can protect my clients and what can I do to ensure they are protected for real not just some sad sense of being secure.

I always tell my clients that it’s best to pay the extra $$ for encrypted tunnels and for their data at rest (where it lives) this will not stop a crypto locker type attack but the whole point is a layered approach as encryption will stop many others.

For things like Malware and spyware and Trojan viruses there are other layers that must be applied for instance never use your main email account for shopping online, get a Gmail or or apple account and keep your personal spending separate from your corporate world. Change your password on a regular basis not once a year but every 45-60 days. Have multiple passwords and yes I know it gets hard to remember them so I use an app like or to name a few. The best approach is always a proactive approach and make it hard for the hackers by using multiple layers of security from content filtering to antivirus, malware detection and yes firewalls even for your home network. OK so enough about doom and gloom what’s hot these days…

To sum it all up one can never be too careful when dealing with Data and the digital world. Good practice for email and a simple one to follow is if you get an email and you’re not sure it is legit or from the actual person DO NOT open it, simply email them in a separate email and ask if they just sent you that email your not too sure about.

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